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Cyberbridge-4D is a multimedia on-line archive for Proceedings of 'Design-Research' Symposia, most of which focus upon 4D-DESIGN and are part of the 'Designing Design Research' Event Series. Designers, engineers, artists, and even scientists should find this of interest, along with all those involved in the art and science of designing dynamic products, events and systems that primarily involve use by people.

' More is More (2)': 4D Product Design for The Everyday(2008)
Magic in Complexity: Embracing the 4D Design Arts. (2007)
'More is More' : Embracing Complexity in Design (2005)
Common Ground : 'Research-Exhibition' (2002)
Inter-disciplinary Design Quandary (2002)
The Design Research Publication (1998)
The 4D Dynamics Conference (1995)
The Green Design Seminar(1989)
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